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Opportunities and Responsibilities

A primary reason many students choose to attend Central is the ability to pursue a college degree within a Christ-centered environment. The Chapel/Convocation Program serves as the campus community focal point designed to not only encourage spiritual growth, but also to draw students into a transforming relationship with Jesus Christ. The Chapel/Convocation Program is usually held Monday and Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am.  The Monday service is a Convocation and will be held in Greer Auditorium.  The Wednesday service is a Chapel and will be held at the McPherson Free Methodist Church Sanctuary. Our entire community is encouraged to attend on Wednesdays to foster a deep and growing community.  We have worked diligently to build a program that is responsive to student needs, desires, and input. The purpose of the Chapel/Convocation Program at Central Christian College is to encourage and challenge students to:

  • Commit to participation in a worshiping community.
  • Open themselves to the life-changing message of the Gospel.
  • Remember and care for those who are lost and hurting.
  • Expect God to move when they pray.

Convocations are specifically designed to present practical and relevant truths to the campus community. Many times Convocations have an educational component that may or may not be “religious” in focus. Whether it is a guest lecturer, special presentation, or a campus wide forum, students will have the opportunity to grow in their understanding of the world around them.

Chapels are specifically designed to personally challenge students to encounter God individually while worshiping corporately. Through relevant worship, community, communion, and application of scripture, Chapel serves as the fuel that can propel students on toward full devotion to Christ.

THE small group PROGRAM

Our small group ministry (Healthy Biblical Community or HBC) is where students can mutually support one another as they develop campus community. Central believes that maximized learning takes place when individuals are involved in a supportive and meaningful group environment.

Small groups exist, therefore, in an attempt to enhance community, increase spiritual development options, empower students and student leaders, and to provide common structure.  HBC groups encourage students to:

      Seek to live a spiritually Healthy Lifestyle.

              Commit to the pursuit of Biblical Truth.

                      Participate in intentional Community as we strive towards holiness together.

The Dean of Student Life will entertain proposals concerning the formation of new small groups.  Small groups present students with the option of committing to a group for the semester.


Spiritual Life at Central Christian College implements an interdependent model to assist students in development of life-long spiritual growth.  It is the goal of the institution as a whole to help students develop lives of interdependence while individually seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Students have numerous opportunities to engage community through corporate worship, small group interaction, and prayer.  It is the responsibility of the student to engage the practices that Central offers and to begin to develop disciplines that will promote growth well beyond their college years. 

While students are responsible to achieve the required Spiritual Formation touchpoints each semester, this program is designed for students to have freedom to choose a Spiritual Formation path that suits them best, while at the same time providing accountability to the institution and to the rest of the Central community. 

Students are required to achieve 20 Spiritual Formation touchpoints each semester. Students are still required to attend 1 Monday Convocation or Wednesday Chapel each week even if they have already reached the expected 20. 

In order to achieve the expected 20 touchpoints, students are encouraged to attend approximately 6 Spiritual Formation opportunities each month.  Students will receive a monthly notice in the mail informing them of the number of touchpoints they have achieved during the previous month.  

Spiritual Formation touchpoints are delineated as follows:

Primary Options

  1. Monday Morning Convocations
  2. Wednesday Morning Chapels

Elective Options (limit of 4 each semester):

  1. Approved RA, RD, SGA or Faculty/Staff Programs
  2. Approved Seminars, Trips & Colloquia
  3. Fit Four Life Programs


Attendance is required for:
  1. All RESIDENT STUDENTS living in College housing (on and off-campus).
  2. All full-time COMMUTER STUDENTS (10 credit hours or more) living in the 67460 zip code area.
  3. All full-time COMMUTER STUDENTS living outside the 67460 zip code area who have a class immediately before OR after the 10:00 hour.
All students who are not required to attend are still encouraged to attend whenever they are able to do so.
Since Central considers the Chapel/Convocation/Small Group Program an essential part of its distinctive Christian Liberal Arts education, attendance is expected, required, and recorded. Each student has an attendance record that is kept in the Student Development Office. Since Central strongly believes in the development of a campus community, the Chapel/Convocation Program utilizes reserved seating. This strategy is designed to encourage students to familiarize themselves with other students outside of their peer groups, and ultimately to integrate and mix the student body. Each student will have a reserved seat and will be reassigned at the beginning of each semester. Students may request one person to sit beside. Attendance is taken by seat. If a student is sitting in their reserved seat, they will be counted present. Students who are engaged in activities during Chapel other than what is reasonably considered attentive behavior may be counted absent (sleeping, cell phones, head phones, laptops, etc.).  If a student arrives after a Chapel/Convocation has started, they will be considered “Late”. Three “Late” marks are considered an absence. Early departure is considered an absence.

Consecutive Misses Due To Illness

If a student misses two or more consecutive Chapels/Convocations due to illness or school related activities, that student may request that these misses be treated as one miss. It is the student’s responsibility to request this from the Student Development Office.


Waivers for circumstances relating to regular employment, student teaching, internships, or child care are available in the Student Development Office.  Waivers are considered on their merit and are subject to the final decision of the Dean of Student Life.  Waivers must be renewed each semester.  Appeals of decisions regarding attendance or waivers are to be made in writing to the Student Development Office within 24 hours of receiving a decision. After this time frame, the decision will be final.

Excessive Absences

Because the Chapel/Convocation Program is integral to the identity of Central Christian College and essential to students’ own spiritual development experience while at Central, Chapel/Convocation attendance is treated with the same importance as class attendance and other requirements of the College.
Should a student fail to achieve the suggested 6 touch points for the month, the Dean of Student Life may contact them to give guidance and/or direction and to allow the student the opportunity to express the reasons why they are off pace.  This meeting is designed for both accountability and restoration of the student.
Should a student fail to achieve the expected 20 touch points during a semester, they may be disciplined.  Fines, loss of extra-curricular privileges and/or other discipline up to and including dismissal may be handed out.
Specific questions about Chapel/Convocation and the attendance policy may be addressed to the Dean of Student Life.