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Teachers help to shape the future of our children - and that's why Central Christian College places great emphasis on our education program. The mission of our Teacher Education Program is to develop responsive practitioners who are academically competent, professionally astute and service-minded - all from the perspective of a Christian worldview.

We offer a four-year program designed to prepare candidates to apply for teacher licensure. In addition to a strong liberal arts emphasis in general education, students are trained to create, plan and manage a positive learning environment.

We invite you to apply today! Become a guiding force in creating an outstanding teaching environment in your chosen field of education.

Majors and Areas of Endorsement

Education Major: Elementary Education (Grades K-6)
Education Major: Physical Education (Grades PreK-12)
Education Major: Music Education (Grades PreK-12)
Education Major: Secondary English (Grades 6-12)
Education Major: Secondary History & Government (Grades 6-12)
Education Major: Secondary Mathematics (Grades 6-12)

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Program Completer Data:

State Licensure Exams and Assessment 
Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio                                                                                                               
97% - Pass rate – 1st Attempt
Principles of Learning and Teaching Exam                                                                                                                     
  87% - Pass rate – 1st Attempt
  97% - Pass rate – 2nd Attempt
Content Area Exam                                                                            
67% - Pass rate – 1st Attempt
78% - Pass rate – 2nd Attempt
Graduation Information
28 - Number of Program Completers                                                                                                   
3.4 - Average Cumulative GPA of Program Completers (2015-2016)
3.5 - Average Professional Education GPA of Program Completers (2015-2016)                                    
Job Placement Rate since 2010 (based on available data) 
89% - Program completers who have continued in the field of education                                                       
Graduation Survey Response on Program Preparation 
100% - Respond to the academic needs of all students                                                                         
  100% - Work effectively and responsively with students from diverse backgrounds                               
100% - Demonstrate and attitude of service and a Christian worldview                                                 
100% - Use technology instruction and evaluation