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Alumni Project

Each year, we choose a project to improve Central’s campus.

  • New furniture for the Tiger Den 
  • Renovations to the bathrooms in Parsons Hall
  • New Curtain on the stage in Greer Auditorium
  • New Furniture for Stoll and Parson's Hall
  • Upgrade areas of learning with Digital and Interactive Classrooms 

    Due to your wonderful donations all of these projects were able to be completed. We are so blessed to have the Alumni that we do. Without you, we here at Central Christian College of Kansas would not be able to go on. You have helped us improve and advance in so many ways as well as helped many students be able to attend college and have the supplies needed for a well-rounded education. We cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for us and for the students. Every donation made truly makes an impact on the lives of the current and the future generations. From the bottom of our hearts thank you and God bless!

This year's Alumni Project:

Wesley Black Fine Arts Center, Greer Auditorium, Light Console and Dimmer Racks

  • Like everything else, Theatre Systems deteriorate with age.  The current light console and dimmer rack were installed at the time of construction of the building in 1986. Technology has changed drastically in the lighting industry since that time. With the increase of age, our system has become less reliable and significantly unstable. Conversely, Greer’s usage has increased in the last few years, with more campus and community usage events taking place in this facility.  The system uses a proprietary EDI (manufacturer) protocol - EDI went out of business in the early ‘90s and this protocol has been obsolete for over 15 years. Finding parts and qualified service technicians is no longer an option.
  • As previously mentioned, Greer Auditorium is used frequently by Central College staff, students, and community events. Lights that flicker, turn off and on uncontrollably, refuse to turn on/off on a consistent basis, or work correctly puts the college and our community leaders in a “dim light” (pun intended) with the public, rental groups, and potential students. Non-Central groups that use the space regularly include: Roosevelt Elementary, Our Diamond Miss, Holiness Camp, and the McPherson Police Department. Each of these organizations represent hundreds and thousands of individuals utilizing this auditorium annually.  The 375 Central students alone are impacted twice each week for required attendance in this facility.
  • The project is to obtain funds to purchase a state-of-the-art light console and dimmer rack. This equipment will have a wide variety of applications in performance-related events on the campus of Central Christian College of Kansas campus, specifically in Greer Auditorium. This location serves as a community facility to host rental group events, bi-annual Kansas State Sheriff training, chapel, theatre, music, film nights, concerts, and awards ceremonies, as well as baccalaureate and academic convocation.

Support this year’s Alumni Project online, or you can mail a check to:

Central Christian College
Advancement and Alumni Relations
1200 South Main, PO Box 1403
McPherson, KS 67460