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2017 Homecoming
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2017 Homecoming

Date: 06-Oct-2017
Capacity: Not Set (0% booked)

Friday, October 6th

8:00 am Tiger Store (8-5) 10% off All Day!
9:30 am Homecoming/Alumni Chapel
Outstanding Young Alumni Recognition 
(Melvin D. Sanders)
10:30 am Meet and Greet with Young Alumni (Greer)
12:00 pm Lunch (Provided in the Cafeteria)
1:00 pm Trolley Tour (Meet in front of Science Hall)
Free to Alumni, 20 seats available. RSVP REQUIRED
2:00 pm CHS (Refinery formerly NCRA) tour – Friday only
(Meet in front of Science Hall)
Free to Alumni, 20 seats available, and can have 
only two tours. RSVP REQUIRED
3:00 pm Tiger Den (Broadhurst Student Center downstairs) 
Refreshments available
Come connect and look back on old yearbooks. 
4:00 pm Lacrosse Practice and explanation (Soccer Field)
6:00 pm Dinner (Provided in the Cafeteria)
7:00 pm Central Music Spotlight (Greer Auditorium) 
Reception to follow in Warehouse 
9:00 pm Late-night Basketball Madness (South Gym)